02.25.14 | 1 Comment

You want to know what I’m struggling with? I’ll tell you what I’m struggling with. I’m struggling with your hypocritical Christianity, your capitalist Christianity, your unloving Christianity, your pharasaical Christianity, your oppressive Christianity, your political Christianity, your violent Christianity, your talibanist Christianity, your power-hungry Christianity, your Christless Christianity.

I struggle with your double standards. I struggle with your child-raping priests. I struggle with your paedophile-protecting popes. I struggle with your silence at the Christian complicity in kill-the-gay laws being enacted all across Africa. I struggle with your bishops of bling. I struggle with your celebrity pastors. I struggle with your private jets. I struggle with the gold in your temples and the silver in your bank accounts.

My life-long struggle will be with this thing that you call Christianity. It’s empty. It’s ugly. It’s twisted. It’s devoid of Christ. There is absolutely nothing in it that draws me to it.

So this is what I struggle with every single fucking day. And boy do I struggle. I wish I could run away from it, but I can’t because it’s all around me. It oppresses me all of my waking hours. And then it torments me at night.

So please take all of your good intentions and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.

Thank you very much.

1 Comment

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