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“He said nothing wrong, you know.”

02.26.10 | 12 Comments

So I’ve been reading page after page after page of comments on blogs, forums and bulletin boards trying to see what people are saying about Rony Tan vs Gays and everywhere I go, I see self-professed Christians taking upon themselves the divine role of apologist for Rony Tan in a massive, uncoordinated astroturfing campaign.

Many of these people will do one or more of the following:
1. Tell you “But he said nothing wrong, what” — followed by some ridiculous projectioning of Rony Tan as some kind of modern-day Elijah who’s warning people of their sin because he loves them. (Except, as I said many times before, nobody’s feeling his “love”)
2. Throw you heaps of Bible verses. Any attempt to engage these guys in a discussion that doesn’t involve the Bible is futile. Because they just will not listen to you. And because they really believe the state should run on Biblical principles (ie.,  anything that doesn’t fall in line with *their* interpretation of such principles should be BANNED).
3. Obsess over anal sex — how dirty, evil, unnatural or sinful it is — and I mean OBSESS.

I have something to say to all these people:

How, oh how, does one go about justifying, ignoring, downplaying, covering up Rony Tan’s out-of-this-world lies that gays = paedophiles = bestialists and claim to have the Spirit of God in his heart?

For those of you who say Rony Tan was well within his religious rights to say what he said, I now ask you: Rony Tan also sincerely believes that other religions are of the devil. Should he be also allowed to preach this on the grounds of religious freedom?

Religious rights cannot, should not and must not be unlimited and unfettered. If not, all hell would break loose and you would have faith leaders inciting followers to kill non-believers in the name of God — as has happened in the Middle East and in developed Western nations.

Spin it whichever way you will, but what Rony Tan said was NOT right. And if the man is not going to own up to it, then the least that his fellow-believers could do is to disavow themselves from his statements.

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