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Christian Post’s report of the Rony Tan ex-gay service in March 2009

02.25.10 | 6 Comments

Here’s Christian Post’s report of that fateful miracle service [mirrored] on 2 March 2009. The title truly deserves an “Epic WTF Award”. Christian Post has since removed the story from its website but I think it’s good that we archive this. Can there be any misunderstanding or misinterpreting of what Rony Tan said that evening at all?

Pastor Explores Paedophilic Roots of Homosexuality
by Edmond Chua

Is homosexuality an inborn genetic trait or is it an acquired behaviour? Proponents of homosexuality would seek to prove that it is nature while its opponents try to show that it is nurture.

Stepping into the fray, independent church Lighthouse Evangelism has dedicated a miracle service to the subject the video of which was recently uploaded on the church’s newly revamped website.

In his introduction LE’s Senior Pastor Rony Tan showed that homosexual behaviour could have been acquired as a result of child molestation, in addition to other causes – mostly relational – including abusiveness of parents sharing the same sex as the person in question.

For example, there could be those who as little children were sexually attacked by paedophiles thus confusing boys about what they should feel toward other males since their first sexual encounter and during their formative years was with a man, and in the case of the part-time LE staff, an ex-lesbian, who shared her testimony, developing in girls a repulsion and disgust toward males in general.

That said, the pastor emphasised that barring a very small percentage of the homosexual population all homosexuals are so by “acquired taste”, stating that many of the homosexuals are adults who turned to homosexuality only after marriage and having children.

“The homosexual urge could be developed especially when a person is very lonely and very disturbed and very confused,” he said, calling such cases perversions.

The well-known regional faith healer also warned against indifference to trends of homosexuality such as barrenness and a downward slide into different forms of bestiality.

“I tell you it is abnormal and if we don’t warn people against it then there will be more homosexuals,” he said. “Many of these people will be not all of them of course but many of these people will be harassing and seducing young boys and they in turn will become homosexuals because of confused sex orientation at such a very early age and very soon half the world is homosexual meaning that half the world will be barren. It’s a serious problem. Proper sex means life, it propagates life. Lesbianism and homosexuality simply mean death, barrenness.

“I want to declare to you two men or two women cannot make a family. That’s impossible, cannot be regarded as a family. You see man’s heart is so wicked that if you allow that next time people will get married to a monkey and they want rights they want to apply HDB flat with a donkey or a monkey or a dog.”

The mega-church founder also made it clear that while there would be some “loud-mouthed homosexuals” most of them are not fighting for rights as homosexuals but admit that homosexuality is an abnormality. And he urged those with such tendencies to be prayerful, revisit and examine their past and seek the Lord for a miraculous healing to set them free.

Outspoken opponent of homosexuality Church Of Our Saviour Senior Pastor Rev Canon Derek Hong ran a sermon series on the topic during the period of parliamentary discussion in which he clarified that homosexuality is viewed as a sin according to the Bible, highlighted that change is possible for homosexuals and showed through two live testimonies of his congregants that the behaviour could have developed due to the abusiveness of the parent with the same sex as the child and the indifference and absenteeism of the other parent.

And, oh, before we forget — Rony Tan still maintains that he said nothing wrong at all.

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