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The churches are silent, Ctd

02.24.10 | 20 Comments

So what are the key Christian bloggers in Singapore saying about Rony Tan vs Gays?

As it turns out, pretty much zilch. zero. nada.

Over the last few days, I’ve been diligently looking into what they’ve been saying, and here’s the summary of my findings. Please feel free to point out to me any other important blogger I left out (NOTE: I have only included overtly Christian Blogs here, not just any blogger who happens to be Christian):

So as you can see, we’ve got lay members, theological students, pastors, senior pastors above. Put them all together and you find that the silence is very deafening, especially when you take into account how the rest of the Singapore blogosphere is abuzz with Rony Tan. This is what befuddles and troubles me so much.

I do understand the dilemma that some of these guys find themselves in. On the one hand, they are of the conviction that homosexuality is sinful (I’m not challenging this) and on the other, they are profoundly embarrassed by Rony Tan’s frivolous slander against gays. I understand this, I do.

But seriously, how can anyone be SILENT or NEUTRAL with the assertion that gay people are paedophiles and bestialists?

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