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85 police reports lodged against Pastor Rony Tan for his offensive anti-gay remarks

02.18.10 | 44 Comments

Lots of things have happened since I broke with the story of the ex-lesbian ‘healing’ and Pastor Rony Tan’s assertion that homosexuality is akin to paedophilia and bestiality. I’ve been called all sorts of names on this blog and on other blogs — my favourite one is this one that suggests I’m the embodiment of the “true violent nature of homos”. Looks like my point-by-point rebuttal of what Rony Tan said flew right past someone, but that’s just too bad.

Rony Tan has also made a statement at Lighthouse Evangelism’s miracle service last week, apologising once again for his anti-Buddhist and anti-Taoist remarks, and urging his followers to “uphold religious harmony”. The pastor also said that since the eruption of the saga, his church had taken “immediate action to review our literature” and that they are now “eliminating all possible offensive recorded material from our huge catalogue”.

412 words in the speech altogether, and not a single one of it acknowledged the horrifying untruths he said about LGBT people. The ex-lesbian video, by the way, is still downloadable from Lighthouse Evangelism’s website, in case any of you are interested — the church obviously thinks it isn’t offensive and has left it on their website (so please go ahead and download it and share it with all your friends!).

But that’s not all. Latest news has it that 85 people have lodged police reports against Rony Tan for his anti-gay remarks. These 85 people include such prominent individuals as Singapore filmmakers Royston Tan and Sun Koh.

It must be noted that Rony Tan’s apology only came when the prospect of getting charged under the Sedition Act hanged over him. And when that apology finally came, it only went as far as what ISD rapped him for.

As I said in my statement to Fridae:

“The Sedition Act prohibits speech that promotes ‘feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore’. This will be a good opportunity to test the government just what it means by ‘different classes’. Are sexual minorities considered a ‘class’?”

Hopefully, we’ll see a healthy debate on the public square about this. Now that the chapter has been closed on inter-religious harmony, the media spotlight can be focussed fully on Rony Tan’s (widely held) repulsive views about gay people and whether such views can be uttered out loud by people of a public stature.

But first, let’s see if the mainstream media will finally pick up on the story. I’m looking at you, Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao.

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